[rest·awe] Youth Talk – The Unmerciful Servant

For more [rest·awe] talks and other youth information visit rest-awe.com Talk – The Unmerciful Servant When I was a lot younger, around about kindergarten or year 1, I had a Gameboy Advance SP. Now this gaming device was a remarkable technological innovation. It had a backlight and… well that’s about it, but that was enough […]

[rest·awe] youth talk – Temptation of Jesus Part 1

Temptation of Jesus – part 1 Matthew 4:1-4 Through looking at these verses over the last week, I’ve come up with three main points or questions that I think we could learn from. The first is “When did the temptation come?”, the second “What was the temptation?” and “How did Jesus respond to the temptation?” […]