Happy New Year


Well it’s not so new now – it’s 7 days old already.

Is it Happy? Perhaps we should wish each other a ‘happier’ New Year.

My guess is that no one has been perfectly happy the last seven days. We have various aches and pains, some ongoing troubles, there are still wars, violence and terrorism, still terrible accidents, tragedies and natural disasters, etc.. nothing has changed . . . .

Have I succeeded in depressing you all? What is our response as we follow Jesus?

First let us enjoy and thank God for all the good things we have – a beautiful creation, family and friends, work and recreation, but above all the wonderful promises of God , His Holy Spirit within us, His constant love and faithfulness.

Revelation 21:5 reads “He who was seated on the throne (God) said, I am making everything new “ ( He is the only one who can )

In Christ we are called citizens of heaven and we are encouraged to keep our focus there. We are headed towards sharing the splendour and glory of God’s everlasting kingdom. God wants to refresh us in this hope or assurance as we live in a very fallen world. Certainly we are to do the very best we can to make this world and life a better place and time but heaven is the home that Jesus has gained for us. Let us praise our mighty God and Saviour.

We trust we will all have a happier new year.


extracted from church newsletter 7th January 2018