[rest·awe] youth talk – Temptation of Jesus Part 1

Temptation of Jesus – part 1 Matthew 4:1-4 Through looking at these verses over the last week, I’ve come up with three main points or questions that I think we could learn from. The first is “When did the temptation come?”, the second “What was the temptation?” and “How did Jesus respond to the temptation?” […]

Beware of the Poison of Anger

Roundup is a strong weed killer (a poison) used in our cemetery to control weeds around the graves. Spray it on and over time you will see the plants affected turning yellow and then die off. We are rightly taught to be careful with poisons like this because they are dangerous. A dangerous poison is […]

Making a Huge Difference – Fiji Account

On 13 March last year our Church raised money by canoeing on the Hawkesbury River and then a carwash by WAVES 24 February this year. This money went to Anglican Aid’s appeal for providing water to people in 3rd world countries. During my recent trip to Fiji I went to the third largest island in […]